We worked with associate Ashley Fry when we purchased our home 5 years ago. It was my first home buying experience and my husband’s second, with the same associate. We have nothing but positive things to say about Ashley, and Gold Key. Since that time we have kept in touch and we have received quick, helpful responses to any inquiry that we’ve had, and have gone to them for advice several times. We will definitely return if/when we ever make another home sale or purchase.


Ashley Fry helped me purchase my home and her involvement made the entire experience easier than I could have possibly imagined. All of my questions were answered promptly and in great detail. I searched hundreds of homes online and got personal feedback from Ashley on more than forty of these homes. She also spent multiple days driving around Columbus showing me homes. After making an offer and entering into contract, she remained there to guide me every step of the way through closing and continued to check up on me afterwards as well. The level of commitment and dedication displayed was wonderful and I never believed the process of buying a home could be made so easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Gold Key Experts to anyone I know buying a home and would absolutely use them again if I were to purchase another home in the future.

Jeffrey Birr

Ashley Fry simply became a member of our family. She thought of things that we did not and took care of details that made the entire process so very easy. This was at a time when the market was down. We were getting offers well below the value of the home and she arranged for a renter that eventually purchased the home. You cant imagine how helpful that was to us financially. She never overstated possibilities and we became reliant on her expertise. It paid off and we will not ever go into any deal without her involvement. She is stuck with us for life.


I hired Ashley Fry with The Gold Key Experts to list and sell my condo in Hilliard. I had hired Ashley previously when I purchased the condo. I had full trust and faith in her to list my home and to get me a good sale price. She once again met and exceeded my expectations! I was expecting the process to take several months because of the economy. Once she photographed and listed my home I had an offer within 48 hours for my initial asking price! I could not get a better deal! The overall sale took about 5-6 weeks as I needed to find a new place to move and the general inspections, approvals,etc that take time but Ashley handled all of these with precision and very promptly. Never does everything in a property sale go without a hitch; and there were a few minor hitches, holdups etc, but Ashley handled each of them quickly and kept my stress level to a minimum! She is so good at what she does and a great to work with. I highly recommend Ashley and the Charlene Fairman Gold Key Experts team to anyone looking to buy or sell!

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