Preparing your home for market…what to do or not do?

You’ve decided to sell your home and want to ask, what is the first step to prepare  your home to list for sale?  Our team has an  answer that may surprise you!

Clients ask us to come to their home and let them know how to get ready to sell several times a month. You are probably thinking that is a simple and realistic request. We can just visit our seller’s home, walk thru and give suggestions on what needs to be done to make the house ready. While we are giving suggestions, the sellers would be writing furiously the ideas and recommendations, right?

Not so fast….we are professionals, Realtors, some of the best in the nation. However, we are not going to tell you how to prepare your home, that is not our specialty. Here is what we will do to help you get your house ready. We will visit you at home and we will let you know how our strategies will help you obtain your goals. After we agree to work together, we will send the team’s certified stager to visit you, FREE OF CHARGE in your home. She is a professional at getting homes prepared for the market. We are professionals at selling your home!

She will come through your home, take photos, show you how her work has helped us sell many homes in record time and within three days, you will receive a comprehensive report with the suggestions for what needs to be accomplished prior to listing. There will be detail with paint colors, arrangement of furniture, down to what should go and what should remain for showings.This is a great complimentary service, but we are not done. If Kat thinks you need a round dining table, but you have a square one. Or if she thinks you need two matching chairs in your great room that are not in your budget. WE will SUPPLY the FURNITURE, or a piece of ART, or draperies, and it will be done at NO CHARGE. The Realty Firm members believe this is a win for you and for us. If we help you achieve a staged home that is ready for the largest population of buyers, that will help you sell faster and it will help us do our jobs better. Again, we provide this as a COMPLIMENTARY service.

We think this is the way to prepare your home, just one of our winning differences….Call or email us today for more information!!

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