Purchasing your first home should be very exciting, what an achievement! But let’s be honest, this is an important and very large purchase and inevitably it is a bit scary as well.

Most first time buyers call with the same request: “I/We would love to go take a look at some houses.” This is a perfectly normal and expected request. However, then we ask them the same question we would like you to ask yourself “If I showed you the perfect home, would you know what to do next?” If you are like most first time home buyers, your answer is “No”.

We would like to quickly run through the some of the major topics when it comes to buying a home:

a. Types of financing
b. Down Payment
c. Interest Rates
d. Grant Programs/Down Payment Assistance/Family Gifts

2. Areas of Interest
a. Location
b. Schools
c. Amenities
d. Safety
e. Commute

3. The Buying Process
a. Showings
b. Determining Value
c. The Offer Process
d. Earnest Money
e. Inspections
f. Appraisal
g. Closing
h. Possession

4. Choosing an Agent
a. How Many Homes or Condos Do they sell Per Year?
b. Do They Specialize in assisting Buyers?
c. Are They Competent in Your Areas of Interest?
d. Are They Willing to Teach/Mentor You?
e. Are They Full Time? Do They Work and Answer Calls on Evenings/Weekends?

I would strongly encourage you, if you do not have knowledge  of these steps, to meet with one of The Realty Firm’s trained professionals who specialize in helping buyers. Our agents are more than happy to sit down with you and spend as much time as you need to go over the process and help you to be a confident buyer.

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