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Charlene’s foray into real estate began at Keller Williams where she helped open the first franchise in Ohio. From this beginning, a passion for real estate began. Eventually, she left KW, obtained her real estate license, but remained in a financial management role. The trigger for a sales career fell in her lap when a friend and mentor told her she should not be behind the scenes, but should sell real estate. He said “you can do this”, I know you can. And, in 2004, she took the leap of faith. 11 years later, she cannot imagine her life without her clients, her team or most important, her growing family. 
Charlene’s philosophy in starting her real estate career was to “do the right thing”in a transaction and always be forward thinking in your business decisions. That vision in 2004 was to go in the direction least traveled at that time. Although, the internet was really starting to gain momentum in 2004 thoughout the country, locally there was much apprehension. By learning the ins of advertising on the internet by teaching herself, she gained an advantage for her team and eventually her sellers and buyers. Understanding the business part and knowing that “numbers never lie” in business allowed her to have budgets for advertising when the market fell and also making sure the team always has goals. These key elements created the basis and the building blocks started to be stacked on top of the initial base. Her team is the shining light at the top of the current blocks and each partner has their own area of expertise. Every person is different, yet we are a closely knit family. This family works hard and always in our client’s best interest… It is who we are and how we have become the group we are today!
And today, the team is branching out to provide more value for our clients. Service is what we sell, and our service has to be the best in the business. With the belief that ‘ it is all about the clients’, the team aspires to find new ways to bring value to them.With the advantages and rewards of staging readily apparent, our team revolutionized the value a firm can deliver to clients by offering complimentary staging consultations with a complete inventory of staging equipment at our client’s disposal. We can now guarantee this added value to all of our clients to ensure they receive the most money possible for their home A win for the client and a win for our firm. 
Always moving in a direction to provide value to our clients, we have a new and  very slick website in the oven baking right now that will allow buyers to search as never before ..
Her passions are her grandchildren. golf and of course, real estate…and perhaps writing a book…


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