My wife and I have dealt with one or two realtors in the past and we do not have good impressions on them. We came across the Gold Key Experts during our zillow search. We were very impressed with the number of perfect reviews that they received from their clients. We said to ourselves that this company would probably only do business with high end clientele. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We sent an inquiry late at night and to our surprise somebody replied our email within an hour. It came from David Fairman. We explained our need to purchase our first home together. Then, we ended up scheduling a meeting in the next few days at his office.

Let me tell you something…prior to the meeting, we did not intend to do any paperwork with him but we were so amazed with his knowledge, professionalism, personality, and positive attitude that we decided to become his client immediately. You will learn a lot more from him from just buying a house.

You will not need to worry about whether you are missing any steps in your buying process because David always stays on top of his game. He answered our questions very promptly and he would give you his honest opinion. We felt very fortunate having him as our buyer agent.

You will definitely be glad that he is on your side. We know who should we talk to the next time we want to purchase another house.

Thank you David.